The orderly operation of the market will be able to make our profits more

a market any actually have a certain order, if we do not according to this order, so that the whole market is in a state of disorder, even can make money, probably in a vicious competition, it is difficult to make profit guarantee. Just imagine, in a traffic light there is no traffic police on duty at the crossroads, cars and pedestrians, and the streams of people busily coming and going always on the move things intertwined, who are not willing to take a step, the order would be very confusing.

until the police arrived, arm directing traffic, road to recover smoothly. In the absence of rules or no rules of supervision, excessive pursuit of the maximization of their own interests, often damage the interests of others, and ultimately hurt their own interests.

is also the case in the business. The rule of competition is to establish a good market order, so that competition is more fair and orderly, like traffic lights and traffic police command. Cigarette business is no exception. Fake, private, non – "cigarettes", all kinds of unfair competition hurt the interests of the whole group of retailers and the interests of consumers. Tobacco Monopoly Bureau through the management of tobacco monopoly retail license to improve the market access system, rational distribution of retail outlets.

to investigate all illegal business practices, so that the market is a guarantee of perfection. In short, through the monopoly inspection, market consolidation, to avoid false, private, non – cigarette impact on the market, which is the regulatory power of the rules. Group of honesty and many local retail merchants established, is in a retail merchant in the form of self-discipline, ensure the retail merchants have to abide by the rules, all in the business on the road.

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