Open a private cinema can easily make money

large continuous release, want to see the movie do you want to go to the cinema to see, it is troublesome, but the price is not cheap, while the cinema blockbusters bustling, one side is quietly rising private cinema. In recent years, Fuzhou has opened several private cinema, his films, independent private room, discount packages, old movies, popular movies can be seen, this experience really fresh.

personalized service into a bright spot

reporter came to a room in a private cinema, the room has a dozen square meters, the wall hung a white curtain, curtain hung across a projector, a projector is arranged under the double sofa. Sound equipment around the room. On the ground is also a lot of cloth dolls, the theater owner said, this is to create a warm environment for customers.

talk about a good price, the boss brought a tablet computer, pointing to the directory above, said the first choice according to the directory movie, you can choose to play. The reporter saw that there are different types of movies on a tablet computer, and "home people" Adorable yellow eyes "mission impossible 5" and other theaters are released film.

in the provincial capital of another hiding bed private theater, environment, equipment and had no difference, watching a movie in the same price of 100 yuan, the same basic and formal cinema. A group buying site data show that each private theater on average at least 5 to 6 people a day to see the film, per capita consumption of $70.

"this viewing mode is more humane, is a good place to see the movie." The reporter saw in the group purchase website comment area, praise private cinema consumers accounted for 90% of the "privacy" is the majority of consumers said most of the sentence, the remote location, no eye-catching signs of private cinema and unlike other cinema advertisements in the propaganda by the customer to introduce each other.

cinema investment low return high

plus snacks and beverage revenue, a month’s turnover can reach twenty thousand yuan." A private theater boss said, was to open the theater is the experience from the field, viewing this model would pop up in the field, the reporter interviewed found that now the provincial capital of the private theater has at least 5, from the beginning of this year, private cinema for a month at a speed in the provincial capital to open up, only in July it opened two new.

this new model not only to attract consumers, low investment costs, income is good so many young people look at this opportunity. A minimum of twenty thousand yuan package equipment." The owner of a home theater equipment, said the private theater is different from the traditional theater, the investment will not be too large, ordinary entrepreneurs can start up.

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