The flute ten brand list


sound is surrounded by Long Wan is soft, let a person get drunk. Since ancient times, the flute is an important instrument, and different production processes, are likely to affect the quality of the flute. Because of this, when people buy the flute products, will choose the brand of higher brand awareness. Below, let Xiaobian to introduce the flute ten brands list for you, so that you can market the flute to China have a more full understanding.

ten flute brand ranking NO.1, CMO: national protection of trademark, the famous trademark of Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu province famous brand, clarinet industry standard drafting of the main unit, the ten flute brand, Jiangsu Chi Mei instrument limited company.

ten flute brand rankings, YAMAHA NO.2 Yamaha was founded in 1887 in Japan, the world famous brand video, one of the world’s largest maker of musical instruments, YAMAHA acoustic instruments (China) investment company limited.

ten flute brand rankings, NO.3 Altus Athas: founded in 1954 in Japan, the world famous brand very well-known recorder, pipe brand, industry leading enterprises, gongxueshe (Tianjin) Trading Co., ltd..

ten flute brand ranking NO.4, Dunhuang: one of China’s largest production scale, the most complete variety of national musical instrument production enterprise, Shanghai famous trademarks, ten China zither brand, the Shanghai national musical instruments factory.

ten flute brand ranking NO.5, Sen finch: founded in 1962, set instrument research / production / sales as one of professional manufacturers of musical instruments, won the national patents, Tianjin Sheng Yuan Instruments Co. ltd..

ten flute brand ranking NO.6, gold tone: brand-name products in Hebei Province, Hebei province famous trademark, the famous flute brand, musical instruments in a number of industry standards drafting unit, Hebei Golden Music Group Co. ltd..

ten flute brand rankings, NO.7: China Lingsheng famous flute production enterprises, by the famous flute made Dong Xuehua famous hands-on production of high-end instruments, well-known brand bamboo, Thailand Lingsheng musical instruments factory.

ten flute brand rankings, NO.8 Huqiu: Jiangsu province famous trademark, famous brand refined two flute, honorary national honor, influential enterprises, Suzhou national musical instrument factory Co. ltd..

ten flute brand rankings, NO.9 SUZUKI Suzuki: Japan’s well-known brand harmonica, comprehensive musical instrument manufacturing enterprises, the world famous brand, one of the most influential harmonica brand, Nanjing SUZUKI music teaching Co Ltd.

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