Shijiazhuang initiatives to promote a number of initiatives to promote employment

to build a universal entrepreneurial hot spot, to promote entrepreneurship employment objectives and tasks are completed, Shijiazhuang city offers five years many aspects of policy support and business counseling, and continue to expand the business loan scale, in order to solve the problem of venture capital.

entrepreneurial services flourish

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held a national radio and television business conference since April 2011 the City Municipal Bureau of labor and employment services, earnestly implement the introduction of a series of preferential policies to encourage entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial extension service content and expand service scope. In order to let the public understand the entrepreneurial willingness to our city policies to support entrepreneurship, labor employment service bureau continued to carry out entrepreneurial service ", for the country, for the barracks, the walls" and a series of activities, actively carry out entrepreneurship assistance project. At the same time, grassroots Entrepreneurship Forum, the theme of the forum and entrepreneurial venture roadshow, entrepreneurship typical lecture tour and other activities to promote entrepreneurial achievements landing, stimulate innovation and entrepreneurial enthusiasm.

in order to relieve the entrepreneurial menace from the rear Labor Employment Service Bureau, according to the different business projects to provide personalized assistance, tax, legal, labor relations disputes such as guidance, to achieve the entrepreneurial service mode of full three-dimensional. February 2016, the Shijiazhuang Municipal Bureau of labor and employment service official WeChat public service platform on the line, to achieve online and offline employment and entrepreneurship services organic integration.

venture capital climbed

over the past five years, the city’s rapid development of the loan guarantee business for the past five years. Five years, the continuous expansion of the scale of lending, lending continued to rise, reaching its peak in 2012, when lending broke through $1 billion, a total of 5 years accumulated loans of $3 billion 250 million, for the first time in 5 consecutive years to maintain the province’s lending.

City Bureau of labor and employment services to actively raise security funds to enhance the ability of loan guarantees. Through the active communication with the financial sector and apply, in a timely manner to supplement the original size of the guarantee fund, since the loan has accumulated a total of 161 million yuan into the guarantee fund, providing a strong guarantee for the issuance of new loans.

in order to simplify the loan link, to enhance the quality of service, small loans management center as the initiative for lenders to provide maximum convenience for entrepreneurs to enjoy preferential policies, the implementation of small loans tracking in place, service in place, supervision in place "," the lender satisfaction, agencies satisfaction".

incubation base significantly

2011 July, the city’s first business incubator park officially unveiled. Here is not only to entrepreneurs to provide free office space, is also equipped with desks, file cabinets and other basic office equipment, in addition to regular please experts on industrial and commercial tax, business management, project recommendation

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