O2O why only rise in the catering industry

takeaway food finance war, we have gained a lot of benefits of these people, it is because the war exists to lead to the rise of the market. Until now only a few years of development, takeaway has been ingrained in the food and beverage industry. O2o why the arrival of a single impact on the food and beverage industry.

is the most straightforward reason is the hunger breeds discontentment, food is rigid demand, belongs to the high frequency of consumption of typical Chinese, and the current food market scale trillion, chain management, brand concentration is relatively low. Through the means of information, can boost the development of these restaurants better. In the eyes of many takeaway platform entrepreneurs, this is the best introduction of entrance flow, through a large number of businesses will take away O2O set to their platform, with the ability of information technology itself, to assist the enterprises to better docking " users; ".

so, including Taobao, Baidu, Tencent and other electrical business chiefs have also reached the market, through various means to share a piece of cake, which further exacerbated the degree of competition in the emerging market segments.

so " hot " business, how could not earn money? But the harsh reality in front of us, the vast majority of operators in the long-term takeaway O2O " burn " seize market share, the real profit is very few. Many consumers because of " can save money, cheap " and become a platform for users, but very few on the takeaway platform has enough loyalty. Which has a discount, which engage in activities, consumers will switch APP in a second, quickly transfer positions.

if these take out O2O enterprises only to the user subsidies in order to attract traffic, if you can only rely on the back of the " gold master " support to maintain the operation, the environment is not good how to do?

even " hungry Mody " so there is financial support of the enterprise, it really does not bother you? In fact, takeaway O2O belong to the field of high frequency low price, its market cake may not be as big as you think. Compared with Taobao, Tmall and other large platform for the whole country, this area is very narrow, it can’t change the people eating frequency, while the price competition strategy is doomed the takeaway food O2O is a piece of the Red Sea, to the need for innovative talent shows itself, profit model.

in addition to the financial crisis, as well as food safety issues. Behind the current Internet catering enterprises business model actually has many loopholes, such as the Baidu takeaway, hungry ace meals, consumers actually completely unable to understand its production process, quality control and basic health conditions. Existing O2O platforms are basically

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