There is a big job fair in Xining

March 6th, reporters from the Xining municipal development of Talent Exchange Center learned that, at present, it is the provincial capital of the peak of employment, in order to allow job seekers and recruiters effective docking, to achieve employment intentions, the morning of March 9th, the relevant departments will be in Xining city administrative service center on the first floor (opposite kylin Park), held a large comprehensive recruitment site.

to participate in the recruitment of more than 30 units, mainly the design of construction enterprises, water conservancy and hydropower enterprises and catering service enterprises. As the weather gets warmer, in various construction sites have been started, the construction enterprise employment recruitment involves large amount of budget supervision, chief engineer, senior technical personnel, to provide employment platform for University graduates. In addition, water and electricity technicians, printing technicians, financial management are the hot job recruitment. (author: Mo Qing)


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