Xining scientific and standardized comprehensive prevention and control of a stream

sudden outbreak of influenza A (H1N1) in Xining Province, according to the provincial government, municipal government, the provincial health department deployment requirements, the city’s overall deployment, positive action. September 22nd, the reporter learned from the relevant departments of the city, at present, the city of influenza a H1N1 influenza prevention and control work to enter the full range of scientific norms.

medical treatment to determine the designated hospital

September 22nd, the reporter learned from the Municipal Health Bureau, after the outbreak of influenza A (H1N1) in Xining, the city launched an emergency medical treatment of influenza A (H1N1). At present, the city has identified the City Second People’s Hospital, the people’s Hospital of and the first people’s Hospital of Huangzhong, the first people’s Hospital of Huangyuan, Datong County, the first people’s Hospital for the city designated hospital.

reporter learned that the city set up 3 teams from the city’s medical institutions, disease prevention and control of infectious diseases, infectious diseases and respiratory and critical care medicine and other professional disciplines of experts in medical treatment expert group, responsible for the technical guidance of influenza a H1N1 medical treatment and emergency patients consultation and treatment work in the city; all medical institutions regulate the operation of the Department of infectious diseases or fever clinics, the full implementation of the first diagnosis responsibility system, strict screening of suspicious patients; strengthen the emergency triage and screening work; adhere to 24 hours duty system, to ensure the early diagnosis and early report, early isolation and early treatment "; in strict accordance with the diagnosis and treatment of standard of diagnosis and treatment and treatment principle, ensure medical quality; reserve emergency treatment and symptomatic treatment for essential medicines, do a good job of medical treatment. The members of the municipal expert group and the members of the expert group of the hospital carefully diagnose and treat the influenza cases, and guide the medical staff to do their own work well. City CDC to start the virus detection equipment, collect samples, carry out testing work; to strengthen the medical institutions fever clinic guidance, supervision work; responsible for the disposal of the school epidemic.

seasonal influenza vaccine temporarily in short supply

September 22nd, the reporter learned from the city CDC, at present, the city’s more than 70 thousand seasonal influenza vaccine procurement has been put into the market. Disease control agencies at all levels of the city is actively organizing the purchase of seasonal influenza vaccine, to make the best efforts to ensure that the mass vaccination.

according to the CDC director Yang introduced vaccination is one of the important measures of prevention and control of influenza pandemic, in order to reduce the risk of those who suffer from seasonal influenza and complications, reduce the burden of disease caused by seasonal influenza, and reduce the mixed infection of H1N1 influenza virus and seasonal influenza virus, reduce viral gene heavy with the probability of WHO encourages the continued use of seasonal influenza vaccine. Recently, the domestic seasonal influenza vaccine production, supply, demand situation. Seasonal influenza vaccine in our city is also in short supply;

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