Xining Justice Department for migrant workers to recover wages more than 1380 yuan

City Department of justice to build the six intermodal transport work pattern, timely investigation and resolve conflicts and disputes, in 2010, has more than 1380 yuan for migrant workers wages. This reporter learned from the Xining Municipal Bureau of justice in November 25th.

Municipal Judicial Bureau in the city to explore the social contradictions and disputes, establish judicial mediation, administrative mediation, people’s mediation, mass organizations mediation, mediation, Mediation Association intermediary organization combining the linkage of six kinds of "big mediation" system, the formation of "mediation" and "service" work pattern, the organization held a "big mediation" will promote the work, promote the "big mediation" mechanism of standardized and efficient operation. Coordination with municipal court, municipal procuratorate, the Municipal Public Security Bureau, the city traffic police detachment, Municipal Transportation Bureau, the Municipal Health Bureau, the city housing security and Property Management Bureau, Land Bureau, agriculture and Animal Husbandry Bureau, the Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, City Federation of industry and commerce, the municipal Party committee, Municipal Women’s Federation, people, resources and Social Security Bureau City Industrial and commercial bureau 15 units, signed a specific implementation advice and relevant regulations, the full range of resolving disputes, and gradually extended to the medical, labor, traffic accidents and other disputes prone areas and departments, to maximize the contradictions and disputes in a timely manner to resolve at the grassroots level, to solve in the mediation stage, the social contradictions and disputes a large number of the people’s Mediation Program to resolve. Has solved the arrears of wages of migrant workers and other groups of 104 petitions involving more than 2057 people, including migrant workers in which personal injury, compensation for the amount of $680 thousand snow, more than 1380 yuan for migrant workers wages back to more than $5.


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