Provincial Science and Technology Department Green contact will be completed six key tasks

Green Fair 2016 and third ring Qinghai Lake (International) electric vehicle challenge has entered the countdown stage, according to the preparation of the exhibition program division of tasks, six key work for the provincial science and Technology Department has been basically completed.

at the beginning of March this year, the provincial science and Technology Department formulated the "provincial science and technology department in 2016" Green Fair organization work programme ", by the office of the leading members of the relevant offices and set up a leading group, the specific organization and implementation of the preparatory work.

according to the specific division of labor, provincial science and Technology Department official to the Ministry of science and technology, at the beginning of the April China China Academy of Sciences, Academy of engineering, Beijing University of Chemical Technology and other units to carry out the invitation. At present, China Academy of engineering has been preliminarily identified, Chinese Engineering Institute of the leadership and team of experts together to Qinghai to participate in the Green Fair and carry out research in our province; Chinese Academy of Engineering Department of energy expert Zhao Wenzhi, academician Zheng Mianping China Joint Research Institute of petroleum exploration and development, China geological academy to carry out comprehensive evaluation of Qaidam potash and new Saline Lake energy and environment coordinated development of the rubidium lithium study and research in our province". In addition, the provincial science and technology department are also invited to the "2015 Chinese National Science and technology award of the international science and Technology Cooperation Award", Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) consultant Okimura Kazuki to our province to participate in the 2016 Green Fair, and Qinghai Province, universities and research institutes in Qinghai held a "Sino Japanese cooperation and JST symposium".

in addition, the provincial science and Technology Department also actively invite domestic and foreign high-tech enterprises to participate in the meeting has been put in place 80 people. The introduction of a number of new energy, new materials in the field of the project, the completion of the 2016 Green Fair will be assigned by the Executive Committee of the work of investment. Formulated the "exhibition design of science and technology to lead the development of green exhibition, the exhibition area will be" Internet plus "as the main line, to demonstrate the application of Beidou and Internet technology, exhibits related to the latest research achievements in food, animal husbandry, medical, health, electronics, transportation, catering and other fields I made.

Green Fair this year, the provincial science and Technology Department will also hold "promoting the combination of scientific and technological achievements and promotion, combined with the" 13th Five-Year "science and technology development planning and promotion of University Science and Technology Park technology industrialization base construction is an important task to carry out scientific and technological achievements, promotion, to contact about signing activities, show the latest science and technology achievements Province, to promote collaborative innovation. Currently, the implementation of scientific and technological achievements to promote the project 8, the transformation of scientific and technological achievements into the application of the signing of the project 10. Provincial Science and Technology Department will also work with other departments to jointly host the focus of this year’s Green Fair – lithium industry – new eco international summit forum. Provincial Science and Technology Department to play their own advantages, the joint Qinghai lithium industry technology innovation strategic alliance to implement specific. Up to now, has invited two academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences to participate in the forum and report.


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