North City District People’s congress organizing committee to inspect the work of criminal prosecuti

October 12th, the city of Xining City People’s Congress organized part of the city, District People’s Congress on the District People’s Procuratorate criminal prosecution work carried out inspections.
by the inspection team to listen to the work report and discussion, understanding of the District People’s Procuratorate criminal procuratorial work. The inspection team of the criminal procuratorial work achievements fully affirmed, at the same time, aiming at the existing problems, put forward recommendations: to further strengthen and improve the innovation and perfection of criminal prosecution stability mechanism, strengthening the criminal procuratorial function and promote social harmony and stability; strictly implement the provisions of the prosecution process of case management, improve law enforcement norms and criminal prosecution the quality of handling; actively explore the administrative law enforcement and criminal justice mechanisms, enhance the effectiveness of criminal procuratorial supervision; to study the new mechanism, the new approach is consistent with the development law of criminal procuratorial work, and strive to explore new ways of criminal procuratorial duties; actively seek to improve the criminal procuratorial personnel quality new focus, to further improve the legal supervision of the criminal prosecution team level.

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