Create a good dream of Xining entrepreneurial employment

December 2nd, mayor Wang Yubo, municipal committee, vice mayor Zhang Dongqiang, vice mayor Tong Wang, led by the relevant departments and four district responsible comrades, further west district College Business Incubator Service Center, field feel the vitality and passion of entrepreneurship students, sharing the joy of harvest and college students entrepreneurship. Wang Yubo stressed that college students and other youth groups is an important force to promote economic and social development, and promote entrepreneurship and employment of college students and other young groups, is the bounden duty of governments at all levels. Governments at all levels and relevant departments should strive to make entrepreneurship become the theme of young people’s dream, and constantly stimulate the vitality and vitality of urban development, the city’s economic and social development to provide a steady stream of development momentum.

in the West District college students entrepreneurship incubation service center, Wang Yubo and his young people are seriously engaged in business. This is the second time he has been here for the ten time. He pointed out that in recent years, the municipal government attaches great importance to employment, the county government as the initiative in creating youth entrepreneurship dream of a new stage, to provide a full range of occupation skill training and the courage to explore, dare to practice, employment, full of sound and colour have highlights. He managed to maintain a good youth passion, to highlight the good vitality, hard work, hard work, and strive to create a high growth of enterprises.

held in the subsequent employment on the topic, Wang Yubo, employment and social needs, we have a responsibility to continue to make unremitting efforts, to ensure that entrepreneurs have condition, want to have a chance of employment. First, we must actively guide and encourage entrepreneurship. We should formulate effective measures to play the advantages of close ties with the masses at the grassroots level, guide and encourage each college student and young people to start their own businesses actively, and support and help them grow and grow. Two to build a platform to support entrepreneurship. Consolidate the old platform, build a new platform. According to the basic requirements of "one county one platform, the platform to build combined with the development of universities, parks, industry, speeding up the new platform to build government efforts to create a good Xining employment" dreamworks". Three to speed up the progress of the construction of municipal incubator base, and strive to start in August next year before graduation. Four governments at all levels, the relevant departments should further strengthen cooperation and close cooperation, efforts to form a grasp of entrepreneurship, promote employment work together. We should increase the employment work of propaganda, make more people pay attention to entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship, efforts to promote the city’s employment work to achieve new breakthroughs, to a new level.


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