85 projects to improve the infrastructure of the Development Zone

this year, the Xining economic and Technological Development Zone in accordance with the needs of the development of industrial infrastructure, to determine the implementation of the park infrastructure and supporting projects 85, a total investment of $9 billion 580 million.

it is reported that this year, Xining economic and Technological Development Zone will focus on promoting the Gan River Industrial Park West, biological science and Technology Industrial Park, industrial park, new North expansion Nanchuan area infrastructure project construction, promote the Park Central Business District, headquarters economy base, small and medium-sized enterprises and Industrial Park, industrial complex building, workers living area construction projects, improve the Industrial Development Park supporting capacity. At the same time, continue to expand the industrial development space, a solid job in the park village relocation and resettlement of farmers, accelerate the Nanchuan, Dongchuan, Gan River Industrial Park, the relocation of farmers resettlement housing construction, the implementation of farmers’ employment, training, social security and other policy support measures to properly solve the problem of farmers’ production and life is.

in addition, in the park of industrial agglomeration, accelerate the adjustment and optimization of economic structure, improve the supporting public service facilities in the park at the same time, actively expand employment, development of new formats, to promote the industrial park of population of people, the function of urban park, and gradually perfect the urban service management system and adaptable, promote the industry transition to the industrial park the city, to promote the industrialization and city development level of integration.


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