200 Xining postal convenience service station into the community into the supermarket

Recently, Li Quanhua, who lives in Nanshan Road, Xining, building 3, from the Xining post office courier hand took delivery. Both surprised and feeling the warmth of the Li Quanhua said that since last year, Xining City Post Office "postal service station convenience" to more than 5 thousand households, more than 10 thousand people in the community, the community has "not to send email, not sent into the" problem can be solved.

reporter learned that over the past year, Xining City Post Office actively change the management idea, change "door" to "take the initiative to serve the people, strengthen the 179 postal delivery section of road operation power, 200" Xining postal service station convenience "covered by the Xining city and three counties, which is part of the service stand in the community, supermarket, let many people to travel, you can enjoy the Xining City Post Office provides mailing letters and postcards, posting Speedpost and parcel, the sale of air tickets, bus tickets, stamps and philatelic collection, telephone charges, collection of electricity and other services.

at the same time, in the postal service work in the process of transformation, Xining post also from the rapid, accurate, safe and convenient, to strengthen the postal EMS operations services. From the mail content, quantity, acceptance, inspection, delivery staff member ring to strengthen management, adhere to the recipient before acceptance visual inspection system, strict procedures, ensuring the safety of mail delivery. (author: Jiao mi)


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