Eleven Xining people love the beauty of the door

Look at the happy eleven long eye is nearing completion, the past few days, warm and pleasant climate, clear water, Qinghai Lake in Beishan Akiba gorgeous sky, major parks in Xining beautiful Qinghai is full of brilliant purples and reds, depicting the intoxicating beauty, the people of Xining on vacation mode, South into the park, watching the show on the autumn tour or, to stay away for a self drive travel, getting comfortable.

compared to Qinghai Lake, only 30 kilometers away from Xining’s Kumbum Monastery for Xining people to travel more convenient, has become Xining people choose one of the more scenic spots, with its mysterious unique religious attracting domestic and foreign tourists, it is reported that the National Day holiday third days Kumbum Monastery scenic tourists exceeded million people up to 12650 people.Keywords:

urban garden NaozhongqujingKeywords:

shapes of the flower beds, the beautiful shape of the potted landscape plants, brilliant purples and reds do not have to go out, first day of the holiday, the people came to the city’s major park colorful autumn…… In October, the most beautiful season in Xining also came in the people’s Park, the population concentrated in front of all the streams of people busily coming and going and chrysanthemum plants, or ornamental, or look, or take a photo, every other front plants are full of people. According to statistics, from October 1st to 2, the people’s park visitors for nearly 80 thousand passengers. Not only that, in the Cultural Park, botanical garden, zoo, Begonia park space and at the side of the corridor at any time can enjoy the beauty of the brilliant purples and reds, exquisitely dainty and ravishingly beautiful. People wander in a piece of flowers, flowers for the people of Xining have more good place.Keywords:

zoo into children’s paradise

this holiday for children added a lot of fun, in addition to see lions, tigers, hippos, children can also see;

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