n the first half of this year Xining completed the new office to apply for 192 registered trademar

Xining city

Industrial and Commercial Bureau increase of unregistered trademarks and new business service efforts, the first half of this year, has completed the new office for 192 registered trademarks, including the trademark enterprise 77, 113 individual industrial and commercial households and other 2.

Xining City, organized by

Industrial and Commercial Bureau trademark lectures, took to the streets, distributing promotional materials and other forms of propaganda, increase the importance of trademark registration to the survival and development of enterprises, for the enterprise on-site service, to register the new trademark and revitalize the "dead" trademark, trademark renewal expire as a breakthrough, guide and help enterprises to apply for trademark registration. At present, there are 2188 registered trademarks in Xining, among them, the national well-known trademark of the province, the province’s famous trademark of the 15, Xining famous trademark of the 50, the area of good trademark of 99 pieces of 4.


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