A feast for the construction of a comprehensive start

sponsored by the Xining municipal government, the City Property Bureau, the Municipal Planning Bureau, Construction Bureau, Xining evening news agency, municipal government network contractors — Xining city the most beautiful building not only by the majority of the real estate business generally welcomed, but also by the attention of the masses across the province. Activity has just started, there are 43 real estate business registration. The creative, fine work for Federation vice president, Shangri-La chairman Wang Weiming said: "this competition is very good, very timely, the building is a city frozen music, Xining is building a boutique city. This assessment will certainly promote the development of Xining city."

is the most gratifying for the competitions around the masses of abnormally high enthusiasm, have a call ask how to vote, how many people participate in scoring, assessment of real mission, as well as people call asking: Qinghai Xining the future trend of prices, can buy below the market price of the house, in the future the evaluation center of Xining really want to go to the East, the evening can help them staff purchase, Xining city residential building can be like Shangri-La, beautiful and thoughtful service…… There are complaints at the same time, for example, some real estate developers Jerry, the price of playing on the surface of the tricky and so on.

for 10 years, especially in recent years, various shapes, unique buildings such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain, stands in Xining with the rich cultural heritage of the ancient city of Shangri-La with beautiful buildings, huge waves, the Yinchuan Hengda a revolution in the new millennium, the international special breakthrough, the high-end moon, sun Heng Ziwei real estate sales…… All of the ancient city of Xining has added infinite charm. The selection, Qinghai 10 years of construction, real estate, planning and design of the highest comprehensive evaluation, but also a construction, real estate, planning and design of the grand parade. She is bound to the future development of the city of Xining, the construction of fine city has far-reaching significance, she will also have a great reference value for the rational choice of the general public livable.

It is reported that

, the authority for the protection of the selection of the director of the selection committee chaired by the deputy mayor of Xining city Xu Guocheng, director of the urban and Rural Planning Bureau, Xining city housing security and the Housing Authority Shi Xin, Xining He Can, Xining evening news agency President Wang Zonghong served as deputy director of the judges, and the expert review team selection.

the selection of activities participating include: Xining’s most beautiful building and outstanding design award, Xining city completed or basically completed all kinds of buildings, including public buildings, residential buildings, commercial buildings, municipal buildings (parks, squares, streets not included in the scope of the award); has the administrative department in charge of examination and approval not yet implemented or can be all kinds of building planning and design is the construction of the registration to participate in the contest. At the same time, will also be Xining real estate (building) hero selection, for the Xining real estate development to make a special contribution to the real estate (construction) enterprises or individuals for the selection. It will also carry out the top ten Wuguan, readers (users) favorite event selection activities.

to effectively expand the influence of the event, to achieve the desired results, the newspaper;

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