54 Street Tongren Road will be a big change

in order to better improve the living environment, improve the quality of the city, to speed up urban construction, recently, West District has invested 25 million 500 thousand yuan, on the main street of the 54 Avenue, Tongren Road Landscape transformation.

It is reported that

, the landscape renovation project, the transformation of 54 Street will last building facade reconstruction based on the out of order 54 Street store, signs and appendages, affect the overall appearance of the streets, the investment of 4 million 500 thousand yuan building annex to repair and reconstruction, and unified planning and management of advertising. Tongren Road on both sides of the building and landscape in the long-term construction and development of the city, because there is no unified planning and design, facade is out of order, not even the interface style is not uniform, and the lack of overall sense; the transformation will invest 21 million yuan for landscape reconstruction of Tongren Road along the street 25 buildings, which are energy-saving, on 15 residential buildings for landscape reconstruction of 10 buildings. At the same time, the public buildings and residential buildings will be an organic combination of color, increase the dynamic vitality and modern street interface.

at present, 54 street, Tongren Road reconstruction project has started construction, is expected to be completed by the end of October. After the completion of the West will add a beautiful landscape, the quality of life of the residents of the area will also be further improved.


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