City Forestry Bureau for special inspection of construction safety

City Forestry Bureau for special inspection of construction safety


city forestry bureau to carry out special inspections of construction safety


lessons for the "4· 19, 5· 04" death by falling accident lessons, implement the third production safety work conference, to strengthen the supervision and management of construction safety, the Municipal Forestry Bureau on May 10-13 for aerial forest landscape construction site Jiayuan construction safety checks. The examination content mainly includes: the construction safety regulations, standards and rules of the implementation, construction units and units of the implementation of safe production responsibility system, special operations personnel certification and safety education and training, project safety inspection and implement the rectification etc..

through the inspection, to further strengthen the supervision of construction site safety, enhance the forest landscape garden site safe and civilized construction management level. The construction units are prepared, always strained the string of safety, to further improve the technical operation, safe production responsibility system, management system and related environmental safety accident emergency rescue plan, and strive to achieve safe production and civilized construction of standardized and institutionalized management.



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