Xining Command College of armed police to meet the educational activities of the 17th National Congr

Even Japan, Xining Armed Police Command College organized by Qinghai construction and development achievements exhibition, invited local experts to visit Xining City, lectures and other forms, carry out the "new achievements, tribute to meet the Congress" theme educational activities, greatly inspired the soldiers based on the work of striving for success to celebrate the Congress held a victory full political enthusiasm.

the school organization dedicated into Qinghai in various industries around the extensive collection, shooting information, Qinghai development is divided into animal husbandry, agriculture, industry, transportation, tourism, industry, urban and rural living environment, the living standards of the masses of more than and 10 plates, with vivid words, let the soldiers from the Qinghai Tibet railway, ah Ping highway and the Kumbum Monastery, Qinghai Lake and other tourist areas in the exhibition, feelings of Qinghai in recent years great changes and profound understanding of Qinghai development in recent years so much entirely thanks to the correct leadership of the party and on the development of the western region wise decision. At the same time, they carry out mass discussion, speech contest, please place expert instruction flexible and diverse forms, so that the officers and soldiers from the comparison of past and present living in feel more brilliant achievements in recent years the development of Qinghai. They do a good job on the basis of indoor teaching, but also pay attention to let the soldiers go out to experience the glorious achievements of the construction of Qinghai. They organized the soldiers to visit Xining City, let the soldiers from the city built a high-rise blocks, a piece of well-proportioned residential, a People are hurrying to and fro. shopping supermarket, from across the moat of the Kunlun bridge to the green is surrounded by sunning square and Central Plaza, from the Qinghai Museum, library and cultural Park to the electronic city of Xining, from the south the new biological industrial park, economic and Technological Development zone…… The soldiers saw the field in recent years the Xining Municipal Development and construction of the great new achievements and new landscape, which brought about the people’s living standards, cultural change, each one with the soldiers, the soldiers more firmly to the command of the party, follow the party’s political beliefs. (author: Wang Wang Jinbing,)


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