Qinghai Consumers Association tip Double eleven rational online shopping

The annual double eleven online shopping carnival is coming, the appliance manufacturers have launched promotional activities to attract consumers. Promotional efforts, consumers tend to impulse consumption. In order to avoid consumer regret or in the days after the online shopping consumer rights are infringed, Qinghai province Consumers Association to remind consumers to rational online shopping.A

two to the scientific selection of shopping website. As far as possible to choose to paste the industrial and commercial electronic identification and management mechanism is more mature large-scale shopping sites, even if the rights and interests of the site can be identified through the electronic identity of the main body;

three to carefully read the relevant rules of promotional activities. Consumers to participate in promotional activities, we must carefully read the rules, duration, methods and conditions of promotional activities, to avoid damage to rights and interests;

four to goods more than three. Consumers should pay attention to the purchase price of goods in the store and the network in advance, compared with the current promotional price and the price on other platforms, to avoid being fooled by false discount merchants;Fifth,

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