Supervision of the detachment of the mass line ground gas cohesion of the hearts of the people

Since the party’s mass line educational practice activities, Xining City Public Security Bureau Supervision Detachment through grass-roots level to listen to public opinion, touch the truth, do solid work, timely adjustment and improvement of working methods, truly find problems in check the truth, find the gap "in action, the people unite the mind of the police, received praise and affirmation of society from all walks of life and the grass-roots supervision of police.

exists for the four winds seriously find problems, Supervision Detachment solicit opinions and suggestions, through visits handling units, court, procuratorate, prisons and other business units and the hospitality of the community visitors and other forms, issuing polls more than 200 copies, to solicit opinions and suggestions of nearly 100 more than three levels; by the Municipal Public Security Bureau leadership and Leadership Forum, the police detachment and the detachment of the party and the supervision of the Party branch meeting, Party members and police discussion forum, listen to the police detachment of public security activities and supervision of opinions and suggestions and opinions; to "go out", to the relevant units, and the linking point helping rural communities the police and regulators, families and other places for advice; take "please come in, has invited the NPC deputies and CPPCC members, hospitals, institutions and other social Representatives of more than 200 people to carry out the door to comment on the police for comments and suggestions for all kinds of opinions and suggestions, combing summary for the next step to solve the problem set the direction, clear goals.

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