Seager tier years electrified wire

Reporters learned from the Qinghai Tibet railway company, the Qinghai Tibet railway to Golmud to build the second line of the second section of the tunnel project has entered the final stage of. Xining to Golmud section of the Qinghai Tibet railway will be formed during the year and the ability to achieve double line electrification.Deputy general manager of

"sigma second-line project has a total investment of 13 billion 100 million yuan, Guanjiao tunnel project has been completed in April 15, 2014 across the board, is currently stepping up construction of track circuits and other related facilities, accompanied by the end of 2014 will be completed and opened to use, then, Qinghai Tibet Railway will be opened to realize electrified wire operation." Jiang Zehai said.Section Golmud of Qinghai Tibet Railway

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