Xining power supply company to troubleshoot equipment to ensure that the green power supply will be

green contact will be approaching, Xining power supply company to strengthen the line inspections, careful investigation of equipment hazards to ensure reliable power supply during the green fair.

Xining power company attaches great importance to the Green Fair during the opening ceremony and exhibition venues of electrical work, specially organized forces of substation, power lines and equipment for special training, find defects in time, ensure that the power supply line, equipment of "zero defect" operation; and increase the remediation efforts of external environment of the substation line channel which, to strengthen security measures around the construction site, cranes and other large equipment to avoid the blackout, ensure that the power transmission channel smoothly; at the same time, Xining power supply company of exhibition center with the power lines and equipment carried out a dragnet inspection, found hidden to the user to carry out rectification, to nip in the bud".

To ensure the

of the Green Fair during the Green Fair South power no danger of anything going wrong, the International Convention and Exhibition Center of main and auxiliary venues were double power supply, high power emergency team of Xining power supply company consists of more than twenty professionals and a 350 kW generator car on standby, ready to respond to emergency incidents, to ensure the Green Fair and secure power supply.


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