Xining City East District 10 specially invited supervisors official posts

Recently, Xining east district government hired 10 special supervisors, through thorough investigation, visits to the masses, the field view of the form of division of labor within the scope of their respective units to carry out supervision and inspection, to strengthen and improve the style of work.The

employs the specially invited is Chengdong district to carry out strict discipline, improve the style of special activities, give full play to the role of the community in the construction of a clean government, to further promote another important measure for the construction of the official style. For the problems found in the inspection, the special inspector will be submitted to the District Commission for Discipline Inspection in the form of written materials, the District Commission for Discipline Inspection in the relevant departments to confirm the verification, the units or individuals will make the appropriate treatment. (author: Su Jianping Ning Ji)


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