Train ticket pre sale time for 20 days after the implementation of the Xining Railway Station opened

Railway Corporation announced: from December 1st onwards, the railway Internet Ticketing, telephone booking pre-sale period will be extended to 60 days before the first 20 days. In the face of the history of the longest train ticket pre-sale period ", Qinghai’s" buddy "don’t rush, I also temporarily province in accordance with the pre-sale period of the original 20 days to buy train tickets, etc. the Xining Railway Station opened after the operation, the Qinghai Tibet Railway Company will be immediately executed 60 days pre-sale period.

this month is about to put into use the Xining Railway Station, Lan Xin railway has attracted public attention, this year’s new year home from which train station departure has become a hot topic of the public. At present, the specific operation of the Xining Railway Station opening date has not been determined, if the purchase of one month after the train ticket people, there will be a passenger train from what is the "Xining West Railway Station" or "departure from Xining Railway Station" departure situation. When the public to buy train tickets, but also to determine the origin of the train station information, therefore, in order to avoid the public to buy a ticket to delay the trip, the Qinghai Tibet railway company temporarily in accordance with the original 20 days of the pre-sale ticket booking.

"from December 1st, a week will be gradually railway Internet Ticketing, telephone booking pre-sale period, extended from the current 20 days to 60 days, this is undoubtedly a convenient measures, passengers can arrange travel plans in advance, and can be purchased in advance during the Spring Festival return ticket. In addition, the railway company has launched a refund of 15 days in advance of the refund fee is not convenient measures, so that passengers have no worries." Relevant staff of the Qinghai Tibet railway company, "for the railway sector, also can as soon as possible to master the traffic situation, time, relatively ample capacity to deploy additional trains. Therefore, such as Xining Railway Station once put into use, the Qinghai Tibet Railway Company will immediately extend the pre-sale of train tickets from 20 days to 60 days."


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