Qinghai Lake part of the scenic spot will be launched on the occasion of the festival

to celebrate the eighty-ninth day, July 30th to August 2nd, the Qinghai Lake scenic part will launch promotions, servicemen and their families held a military officer who can enjoy free tickets activities, activities include Qinghai Lake, Milton scenic scenic Jiro sword and Niaodao scenic area.

it is understood that the event to celebrate the army at yushuiqingshen Festival, "as the theme, from July 30th 19:50 every night, will launch the activities of sea sacrifice, night, fire fireworks and other rich in Qinghai Lake scenic area, the activities will be concentrated in the Qinghai Lake scenic Jiro sword pier plaza. At that time, visitors can not only enjoy the long sea sacrifice the charm of traditional culture, but also take the scenic cruise to enjoy Qinghai Lake beautiful sunset, innovative forms of activities and the activities of rich content, will enhance the appeal of the activities.


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