Russian circus launched promotions

Adventure, excitement, wonderful, hot, is the people’s Park staged a Russian circus brought joy to the summer capital of Xining. In order to give back to the general public, the Russian Malaysian drama is now introduced a series of promotions, welcome to watch.

sponsored by the Xining municipal government, Municipal Bureau of forestry, Xining evening news co sponsored the "charm of Plateau · passion summer Russia circus national tour activities will continue until August 26th, when -16 -21 at 19:30 at 14:30 every day, when the two performances. The Russian circus circus world is synonymous with the highest level of history can be traced back to eighteenth Century, its basic actor solid and animal well domestication, has won numerous awards and recognition all over the world. The Russian circus came to Xining with brilliant performances, very creative performances, brought huge performance team, all kinds of animal star tigers, lions, bears, monkeys, sheep, horses, the many star players and won many international awards program. The show is funny acrobatics, and thrilling tamer performances, there are large Russian dance, is a rare surprise, odd never show, the majority of visitors to bring a visual and auditory feast.

according to the introduction, in order to let more people get the benefits to the public really send a cultural feast, especially during the summer vacation to let children and parents watch the Russian circus, the undertaker now launched a series of preferential, 10 (inclusive) above a 30 percent off discount tickets, ticket discounts of 25% off B in the family; as a unit, parents can be free with a child (under 1.4 meters in height, parents no longer enjoy fare discounts); for group purchase by Wo Wo Group, a 32% off discount tickets, ticket discount tickets 27% off B, C 4% off discount. (author: Lou Mengjie)

Russian circus

– high wire: Actors hanging to a variety of difficult moves of the steel wire at high altitude, the slightest mistake will fall from the high, extremely dangerous.

– the buffeting bar is a very high requirement on team spirit of the acrobatic show, two actors with big bar, an actor in the bar to make vacated, flash turn maneuvers, flip juggling, excellent techniques, highly ornamental and a sense of shock.

– death runner by 3 more than 2.5 meters in diameter of the big wheel, the overall structure of a height of more than 10 meters above the actor in a rapidly rotating upper flywheel, without any protective equipment, jumping, and rolling, blindfolded circling, juggling clubs such as drama, there is life and death rate.

– sometimes funny clown: honest cute, naughty and clever, whether it is juggling, or naughty little game, they always make the audience.

riding: is an early, long history of the performance of the program, the actors in the galloping horse to make a variety of thrilling action.

: the actress lies in the chair;

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