The focus here is the livelihood of the people respond six session of the twelve National People’s

winter season, sunny morning, but can not stop the wind from the cold. However, in the twelve session of the provincial people’s Congress, the press conference of the second meeting of the scene, a huge heat flow is spreading, pushing up the temperature of the room is not the heating, but the enthusiasm of the high rise of the heat of the day, the six session of the National People’s congress.

1 17 day 8:30, distance six meeting twelve NPC second news conference held there for 30 minutes, field is filled with the central and provincial Neigelu in Qingdao media reporter. Camera, camera a variety of gun short gun will fill the space around the front of the room filled with a good seat in front of a line of sight, but also one by one to seize". The "strive to practice the people centered development ideas, reform and development so that more benefit of the masses" as the theme of the news conference, as a media news bonanza of concern, many media reporters expected to focus their attention and topic of concern of people: such as health care, employment, and other issues in the basket this conference to get the answer.

9, the six session of the twelve National People’s Congress second news conference held on time, reporters saw the provincial economic and Information Technology Committee Party Secretary, director Yao Lin, the provincial human resources and social security bureau party secretary, director Yang Yi, the provincial animal husbandry bureau party secretary, director Zhang Huang Yuan, came to the meeting, party secretary Wang Dingbang, director of the provincial health and Family Planning Commission, the reporter in the familiar faces, the reporters also saw a grassroots Provincial People’s Congress, Huangzhong County, Xining City Lan Long Kou Zhen Qia Yang Cun first secretary Bao Wuzhang, so will wind down to earth for the presence of the media themselves.

no macrology speech, host, Deputy Secretary General of six session of the twelve National People’s Congress, Congress long advocacy group leader Zhu Xiangfeng introduced the leaders attending the meeting after went straight to the theme. The office of human resources and employment, social security issues people care about one response, including a number of indicators of social security in Qinghai continued in the northwest and the country’s thing, such as a warm current flowing into the heart; the provincial animal husbandry department issued, answer to the majority of farmers and herdsmen are most concerned about, most want to hear the contents of Qinghai’s efforts to increase the income of farmers and herdsmen lively practice and the next step of the work; the Provincial Planning Commission on Guozihao pilot of Qinghai medical health system reform were introduced; the province released the letter appoint let reporters see Qinghai to speed up the development and benefit people’s livelihood efforts and prospects; leaving the scene to reporters issued a smile is the Bao Wuzhang card Yang Village Tourism story, Bao Wuzhang said: "the two day of the meeting, the village people texted me, the village ushered in a dress Western style wedding bride, to know before the card but the Yang Village worthy of the name bachelor village, daughter-in-law did not stay."

conference at the end of the media in. When the host announced the end of the conference, a group of reporters crowded to the podium, department leaders are the focus of this year to reporters containment, as "the provincial people’s Congress on behalf of the fresh abalone Wuzhang highlights more natural" pursuit ", the reporters wanted to know more of the small village poverty story, want to know agricultural;

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