Xining west 6 Mid Autumn Festival special rights station

Mid Autumn Festival approaching, a wide variety of moon cakes have unveiled the market, to ensure that people eat moon cake festival, maintain market security, Xining City Industrial and Commercial Bureau actively organize special inspection of moon cake market action.

law enforcement officers on the sales of moon cake shop, supermarket, bazaar stalls and small workshops as the main target, a planned deployment within the jurisdiction of the main business of carpet inspection, strict market access, thorough investigation of the operator ‘s qualification, check whether the operator license, the existence of super scope, resolutely and ban undocumented behavior; the food business operators must hold a health certificate, food distribution license, earnestly fulfill their legal responsibilities and obligations. Strict moon cake and other food purchase pass, focusing on checking whether the operator’s products and Invoicing Invoicing, to ensure that the legitimate sources of formal channels, do not enter, do not exist, do not sell substandard moon cake and other food. Strict quality and safety checks, focusing on quality and safety of moon cake in the inspection, focusing on checking the product name, factory name, site, QS logo is complete, focusing on the inspection of moon cake shelf life, production date is complete. Taking the "consumer rights", in the area of 6 and the establishment of the Mid Autumn Festival special consumer rights service station, through the "12315" complaints center, "while two station", private associations and other channels, smooth and broad consumer rights, the timely processing of consumers reflect the problems, ensure the safety, the Mid Autumn Festival the consumer market stability.

as of now, the West Branch of the industrial and commercial administration has checked moon cake sales of food business households more than 425 households, large supermarket 6, has not yet found the problem moon cake". (author: Yi Shi Lou Mengjie)

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