Steady control of prices in Xining part of the market began selling parity beef and mutton

stable prices, from August 5th onwards, Xining began in the provincial capital market, part of the price of beef and mutton. Some did not become the point of sale of beef and mutton sales households, want to know how to determine the point of sale of beef and mutton parity.

August 5th, Ma Xining public beef and mutton dealers to reflect this, the provincial capital market started selling some cheap beef and mutton, while their market is not cheap beef and mutton, which had an impact on their business.

August 6th, the reporter learned from the Xining Municipal Bureau of Commerce, in order to stabilize the control of beef and mutton prices, so that people eat cheap beef and mutton in Xining. From August 5th to August 15th Muslims Ramadan, and from September 5th to October 5th, during the national day and Mid Autumn Festival, Xining city to take direct government subsidies and restrictions on beef and mutton wholesale and retail price, cheap beef and mutton to put part of the market and the supermarket, the Xining market to stabilize the price of beef and mutton.

in order to allow people to really enjoy the government of this Huimin good, while convenient regulation, to avoid fraud, dumping, disguised price violations. By the Xining Municipal Development and Reform Commission, bureau of Commerce and the relevant departments of research, determine the representative, stable, standardized, large scale, large flows of people, sales, good reputation of the key retail markets and supermarkets, as cheap beef and mutton sales. These markets and supermarkets selling cheap beef and mutton merchants must be complete certification, strict implementation of parity supply price. After a comprehensive inspection departments at all levels, cheap beef and mutton market determined, Kang Xi, South Street, Republic Road, middle south gate, Mo street, wells lane, bridge, building the south, Dongtai, Xing Hai Road, weather Lane market. Supermarket, Hualian, 100, green, Hakka, Wangfujing, Huarun million Hui He Guofang department store owned supermarket. In order to ensure parity supply of beef and mutton, so that parity can take more people on the table. During the period of cheap beef and mutton supply, Xining City, district development and reform, business, industry and commerce, price, market management and other departments will strengthen supervision and inspection of the market supply, sales and other links, for violations of the market, supermarkets and businesses, will resolutely cancel parity point of sale qualification.


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