Xining city procuratorate to promote the mitigation of criminal policy to promote harmony

on the basis of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate people’s Procuratorate of the city since the beginning of deployment, actively implement the lenient criminal policy, before the three quarter of the city’s Procuratorate arrest case number and the number rose by 20% and 18.1%, while ensuring the quality of the case effectively promote social harmony.

this year, Xining city procuratorate to actively implement the lenient criminal policy in the process of handling cases, the prosecutor not only pay attention to collect and review the facts and evidence of guilt pays more attention to the collection and review of innocence and crime evidence, through the strict collection and review procedures so that the case of the parties legitimate rights and interests are the protection by law. According to statistics, this year 1 to September, the city prosecutors handled to arrest the types of criminal cases 892 1512 people, if it does not approve the arrest of 66 and 111, respectively compared to the same period increased by 7.4% and 8%.

according to the Xining Municipal People’s Procuratorate investigation and supervision departments of the person in charge, since the implementation of the lenient criminal policy of minor criminal cases, criminal suspects in custody due to circumstances, consciously accept criminal prosecution and trial is greatly improved, the suspect pleaded guilty was also improved, the efficiency and quality of handling cases has also been significantly therefore, the lenient criminal policy has important social significance and practical significance for the maintenance of stability and building a harmonious society.


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