March focusing on the new Qinghai people’s livelihood hot words

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in agricultural and pastoral areas of child nutrition will be better
since launched a comprehensive implementation of the rural compulsory education to improve student nutrition program, more than 40 agricultural and pastoral areas of primary and middle school students in our province have benefited, education Huimin policy continues to expand coverage, people of all nationalities actually enjoy the education policy of Yu Huimin. On this basis, starting this year, the province will be referred to the rural compulsory education student nutrition improvement program grants standards.
practical comment to make each child learn, good education, in recent years, the province continued to establish and improve the funding system of compulsory education funds safeguard mechanism and non compulsory education students, constructed from preschool education to the student financial aid policy system of higher education, the province’s nearly 900 thousand students enjoy different levels of funding policy, 2014 at all levels of student aid funds reached 1 billion 720 million yuan, an increase of 804 million yuan more than in 2010, an increase of 87.78%, to ensure that every child not to drop out of school because of poverty, urban and rural residents to further reduce the economic burden of family. We can see this from the thorough implementation of our province rural compulsory education students nutrition improvement plan.

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