Car cleaning machine ten brands list

in the increasingly serious pollution of the environment, the car needs to be cleaned regularly, so there will be a car washing machine and other tools and equipment. Moreover, because people’s growing demand, leading to the industry’s brand is more and more. Next, let Xiaobian to introduce you to the top ten car washing machine brand rankings, which can give consumers more reference.

car washing machine ten brands list 1 digcher:


brand is Beijing digcher digcher cleaning equipment limited company’s flagship brand, Beijing digcher Cleaning Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in 1994, main products are: high pressure cleaning machine, cleaning machine, hot and cold water pressure washer, washing machine parts, high pressure cleaning machine, ultrasonic cleaning machine, industrial vacuum cleaners, industrial cleaning the water absorption machine, industrial washing machines, sweeping machines, high pressure cleaning system, polysilicon breaking Taiwan, polysilicon reduction bell cleaning system and other products. Today, the rapid rise of clean equipment in the field of cleaning equipment, the company in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Xi’an, Wuhan and other major cities have branches and offices.

car washing machine ten brands list 2 files:

gold cleaning machine belongs to the Jiaozuo City Golden Albert Technology Co., the company’s products, gold Albert was founded in 1993, the company specializes in industrial water treatment, new product research and development, production and processing of various types of high-pressure water equipment engineering, chemical cleaning engineering technology research, application and construction of high-tech enterprises. Has won the ISO9001 international quality system certification; national reverse osmosis equipment manufacturing license; reverse osmosis equipment recommendation certificate of national construction engineering; national boiler cleaning B qualification; national comprehensive corrosion grade two qualification; state power system network unit water treatment products; chemicals production license for China national chemical cleaning and anti drinking water; the corrosion of user satisfaction without complaint; Chinese chemical group qualified equipment suppliers.

car cleaning machine ten brand list of the top 3 Gao Jie:

Gao Jie Dongguan Gao Jie high pressure cleaning machine cleaning equipment Co., Ltd. brand products, Dongguan Gao Jie main high-pressure water cleaning machine, high pressure cleaning machine, automatic washing drying machine, vacuum suction machine etc..

car cleaning machine ten brand list of the top 4 Oscar:

Italy "Oscar" washing machine products is located in the China headquarters of Beijing Intel Pam business limited liability company’s flagship brand, the main products include: "Oscar" cleaning machine, electric sweeper, vacuum cleaners, cleaning equipment. In China to provide technical services and spare parts supply, the product has been ISO9001 quality certification, access to the authority GSTUS>

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