Foreign businessmen Xining to bring us more opportunities

whether it is hard to invest in the environment, or soft environment, it can be said that Xining has reached a height. Along with the implementation of the second round of the national western development, Xining will usher in more leapfrog development opportunities, which will bring us more opportunities for these enterprises, we have no reason to refuse such a good chance!" Yesterday, Xining city development and Investment Fair after the opening ceremony, President of Holland, vice chairman of Guangdong chamber of Commerce, Guangdong Province, Guangzhou International Chamber of Commerce golden Persian investment company chairman Chen Zhihua said in an interview with reporters.

Chen Zhihua said, although he came to Xining for the first time, but he has been deeply attracted by the city of Xining, clean sanitation, hospitable people of Xining, leaders in the city of Xining to the development of the city, the city management. His impression of Xining is very good, with him to visit Xining, a dozen Guangdong entrepreneurs are also very optimistic about Xining. Currently, they have a few real estate and hotel investment projects and the owners of units in Xining conducted a preliminary discussion, a lot of space for cooperation.

Born in Sichuan, Xining merchants

the Yellow River Industrial Co., Ltd. chairman Kang Zuoxin investment in Xining has been for many years, the company and their cooperation has reached Datong, let reporters are interested in him a group of Sichuan businessmen. Kang Zuoxin told reporters that the home of some friends that he had years of development in Xining, and received strong support from all levels of government, well, they are interested in Xining, said they want to come to Xining for investment and development. This happens to have the opportunity to Xining city development investment fair, he sent invitations to the villagers.

Kang Zuoxin and several of his fellow villagers said that the Western Fair will fully demonstrate the results of urban planning and development and construction in Xining, which is bound to play a role in the role of government and entrepreneurs. At present, Xining is in a critical period of development, the talks will be held, the city launched a large number of development projects, development opportunities this is Xining City, is a historic opportunity for the development of enterprise investment, seize the opportunity is to seize the new direction of enterprise development.


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