Black bone healing

I am in the city to carry out the party’s mass line of educational practice, dare to "black" the real thing, their own problems in active exposure based "Jieduan ugly", multi pronged "illness", the existence of various "four winds" Yong lazy luxury and other issues, the "scraping the bone healing type the rectification.

in the direction to the leaders to answer: the reporter learned that, through our group, seminars, training courses and other forms, for all levels of leaders, tighten the screws to tighten the spring. At the same time highlighting the important role of supervision in the activities of the party organizations and leading groups at all levels of supervision and inspection, to go through the field, such as the individual "number one" ugly. As to slow, the lead is not enough, passive and out of school, to check the change is not in place and other issues of the 5 typical units of "top leaders" timely reminder, centralized ventilation interviews, let them "red in the face, chest tightness, shortness of breath, sit".

when combing to avoid heavy black on light: on the problem in the process of combing, found to find the four winds is not allowed some departments of the problems in our city, such as some of the four winds problem a total of only four or five, some simply do not exist hedonism and wasteful, and some problems in the work instead of four the wind "…… Accordingly, 9 typical units of our city to find the four winds are false, empty, comments on the substantive issues keep from talking about phenomena such as unceremoniously eleven named "caution" to "number one" sounded the alarm, asking them to "Frank Jieduan ugly", focused consultation on the issue, the new account sort out the problem.

"look back" to escape the black problem: in the strict supervision practice of "looking back" in our city, 10 steering group and the County Department send 63 Steering Group in-depth supervision unit "smell". Party masses 3 Fangzu do not say hello to go grassroots touch cases, serious investigation, after looking, focusing on the "four winds" specific to things, to people, to prevent the good doctrine and formalism, effectively prevent the phenomenon of "one pot". In the activity, I will be "serious" two characters throughout, focus on the "look back", Huangzhong County for some units to solicit the views of the form is single, do not speak generally specific problems, using anonymous questionnaire for reverse four winds problem. On the collection of education, civil affairs, land, construction, urban management and other key sectors of the opinions and suggestions, the main leaders of the county personally checked. As of now, to seek the leadership at the county level in all aspects of the "four winds" collected many problems, such as the research emphasis to "demonstration", rather than go to the problems and difficulties of the place, work hard, and the opinions of evade the crucial point of 165; to collect the County Leading Cadres person more cranky temper, criticism of people do not pay attention to occasions, listen to opinions of others, satisfied with the status quo or achievements, lazy thought, study and innovation is not enough etc. a total of 231 comments. As of now, the county to solicit opinions and suggestions 26292, after carding induction for 9362, including "four winds" opinions such as bad news, talk about the results, about a long and minute statement understatement, not telling the truth, not to say the truth;

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