Sunscreen ten brands list the whole

regardless of spring, summer, autumn and winter, as long as there are people who need the sun sun. What’s more, the weather is getting hotter and hotter, sunscreen has become a product that can not be missing. In short, the scorching summer, travel. Climbing outing. Play by the sea, travel outside. Under the red sun, protect our skin from tanning, sunscreen is our most concerned about. So, sunscreen which brand is good? Let Xiaobian to reveal some of the ten brands of sunscreen cream bar.

ten sunscreen brands list NO1- Europe Quanlin whitening sunscreen cream Polish

texture thin, painted in the hands can be quickly absorbed by the skin, and touch the tender. Delicate and light texture, including anti-inflammatory ingredients red grape alcohol and iceberg live milk, can enhance the effect of whitening sunscreen. A touch of citrus and floral fragrance, make people relaxed and happy, smear to open, the skin feels fresh, oil absorbing paper is basically no mark, touch is not sticky. Oil and sweat resistance, sweat and no need to worry about tanning. Europe Quanlin sunscreen sellers list among the top 10 list, is the star of the baby sunscreen products, it is worth a try!

ten sunscreen brand ranking NO2- Dior capture totale snow shinny suntan cream

sunscreen hot list 10 strong, Dior capture totale snow shinny sunscreen use cutting-edge nanotechnology, bring the delicate texture of uniform emulsion; with sfp50-pa UVA UVB, comprehensive protection against. Every day to provide efficient skin protection, so that the skin against UVA and UVB damage. Two in one function, combined with the foundation and crystal through the maintenance of two effects. Fresh texture, no oil, the skin is not sticky after use. Day after day, the skin becomes more and more bright. Rich in moisturizing ingredients, strong coverage, can be formed on the surface of the skin transparent, uniform, velvet like smooth film.

ten sunscreen brands list NO3- Kiehl’s double whitening refreshing lotion

can be a strong resistance to UVA, UVB, to prevent skin tanning, sunburn and produce stains, wrinkles, relaxation and other photoaging phenomenon. Refreshing texture, do not plug the pores, does not cause acne and sensitive. Formula is very safe, does not contain pigment, fragrance free, non greasy, not easy to cause sensitive. Filter factor Mexoryl SX & XL provides effective, stable, all-weather sunscreen isolation. At the same time with long-lasting moisturizing moisturizing effect, so that the skin has a moisturizing feeling throughout the day.

ten brands of sunscreen NO4- Clinique face sunscreen

combined with ultraviolet radiation, to prevent the aging of the skin, adjust the color of the 3 functions of the product. Adenosine (adenosine) component, restore the skin damage caused by light exposure, tiny pearl particles help create

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