Chongqing airline stewardess turned gorgeous when the boss started culture communicatio

stewardess in life is a lot of people envy the occupation, not only for their own ability and appearance of a kind of affirmation, but also a higher income crowd, but some people to give up the stewardess position! Chongqing District Street opened in Hanfeng 22 year old Zhang Xiaotian is a member of numerous 90 entrepreneurs in 2015, she decided to give up the airline stewardess career, home run culture communication company, from the airline stewardess turned gorgeous when the boss, let’s understand Zhang Xiaotian’s story!



to become the airline stewardess

2012 years, Zhang Xiaotian and friends to travel, meet the Eastern Airlines flight attendants in the local recruitment. A friend took her to the newspaper, was holding a try, did not expect to go all the way, talent shows itself from 30 thousand people.

at that time there are more than 30 thousand people enrolled, and finally admitted only 26 people, the competition is very large. I lost more than 10 pounds a month, I did not expect that my friends and through the." Zhang Xiaotian recalls that she cherished the experience of being an air hostess, because the three years had helped her grow fast.

Zhang Xiaotian told reporters that the flight attendants work very hard, irregular work and rest, ready to face a variety of unexpected situations, the need for more than ordinary endurance. She said: "there is a plane in Kunming because of the weather delays, passengers to aircraft from the terminal, for 25 hours, the mood is very excited, for airline stewardess explain, any time delays are not the airline stewardess wrong, but we have to stand in the front, appease the mood."

for aircraft delays, Zhang Xiaotian is also very helpless. "If our flight is at 7, the flight attendant must sign up for a meeting in advance of 2 hours." Zhang Xiaotian said that if the make-up, on the road, at 3 in the morning to get up, this work experience, trained her not afraid of hardship, dare to challenge the character.

founded cultural communication company

"because of irregular diet, so the airline stewardess suffering from stomach is common." Zhang Xiaotian said, her stomach was severe enough to fly every time will only spit acid, even spit all did not have the strength, will also adhere to the end of their flights fly. For a long time irregular diet and diet, her body serious overdraft, by the end of 2015 resigned from the stewardess.

When returned home, Zhang Xiaotian found a new way out. She learned that the home policy is good, the party and the government to support entrepreneurship innovation, and then come up with all the savings, founded a cultural communication company, mainly engaged in activities planning.

pre invested 160 thousand yuan, the company has been a loss, the most embarrassing when not only did not make money, but liabilities of more than 20 thousand yuan." Talking about the difficulties at the beginning of entrepreneurship

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