Gloves ten brands list the whole

whether it is an ornament, or a necessary product, gloves are in people’s lives have a very high use, and the birth of the brand is also a lot of natural. In short, gloves are hand warming or labor protection products, but also decorative. It had not only to practical, in modern times, it became a cold heat insulation fixture, or medical bacteria, industrial protective products. The following is a summary of the top ten brands of gloves, so as to help people choose to more appropriate gloves brand.

gloves ten brands list NO.1:She’s

Shenzhen She’s clothing chain Co. Ltd., She’s She’s, hair – hairpin ten brands, well-known jewelry brand (famous), originated from European fashion brands, one of the most college students love the domestic jewelry brand jewelry, only designated sponsor college sports summer twenty-sixth session of the world will. She’s originated in Europe, the United States and Europe and the United States and China Fashion and popular culture of the perfect combination, to create an international, elegant, stylish she’s image.

gloves ten brands list NO.2: Camel

Guangdong camel camel CAMEL Garment Co. Ltd., outdoor shoes ten big brands, well-known (famous) outdoor equipment brand, Chinese rally only designated outdoor products, Sino US intellectual property seminar strategic partner, Peking University Eagle club team designated product sponsors, Shanghai Volkswagen 333 team designated clothing products. Adhering to the concept of comfort, with "comfort, classic, fashion, personality" as the design goal, for the urban elite to create a relaxed and uninhibited "camel off" life. It is not only a brand, but also a life attitude.

gloves ten brands list NO.3:3M

3M China Co., Ltd., founded in 1902, the United States, the world’s top 500, internationally recognized research and development in the field of enterprise pioneer, known for its rich products and innovation is known to the world, the world’s diversified science and technology enterprises. 3M is an internationally recognized pioneer in the field of R & D. We produce tens of thousands of innovative products, in medical products, highway safety, office of cultural and educational products, optical products, such as the core market to occupy a leading position. 3M’s success is based on the development and use of a number of excellent technology platform to meet the needs of customers in a wide range of market segments in the real world. 3M is committed to providing a more convenient and better way of life for people all over the world.

gloves ten brands list: NO.4 company

company (Group) Co. Ltd., duvet – wool is ten brands, ten wool sweater – thermal underwear brand, the national trademark protection, Asia’s top 500 brands.

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