Shandong entrepreneurship to achieve good results

in life although the standard of living has been significantly improved, but there are still a lot of people employment is difficult, in line with the call of the times many people embarked on the road of entrepreneurship! Shandong steady employment, promote entrepreneurship, in 2016 to achieve 1 million 209 thousand and 800 new urban jobs, to complete the annual plan of 109.98%; urban unemployment rate was controlled at 3.46%, lower than the national average and the annual target of Shandong. Entrepreneurship has become an important engine of employment growth, the province has built 31 demonstration platform for the provincial level, the annual issuance of venture capital loans of 11 billion 800 million yuan, the annual business to achieve entrepreneurship, driven by the employment of 1 million 295 thousand and 300 people in the past 476 thousand and 400.

statistics show that in 2016 Shandong residents’ income increased steadily. Annual per capita disposable income of urban residents 34012 yuan, an increase of 7.8%; rural residents per capita disposable income of $13954, an increase of 7.9%. Per capita consumption expenditure of urban and rural residents reached 21495 yuan and $9519, an increase of 8.3% and 8.8%, respectively. In 12th Five-Year, Shandong has made new breakthroughs in key areas and key links such as employment, entrepreneurship, social security and income distribution.

Shandong entrepreneurship to promote employment, not only to create a lot of strength of the enterprise, but also led to a lot of people in employment, so that the majority of the people’s living standards to be on the next level! "13th Five-Year" period Shandong will adhere to " stick to the bottom line, focused, improve the system, to guide the work of the people’s livelihood thought is expected to ". According to reports, the Shandong employment and entrepreneurship policy system has been relatively complete, the key is to have a "stepping stone to stay in India, there are traces of iron grip strength to implement the plan. The focus should be to apply for business subsidies, a one-time rental subsidies for the venue, as well as social security subsidies in place.

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