The ancient tea tea product features make characteristics

ancient tea tea? In the food and beverage market, not only has a high popularity, joining the ancient tea tea project, is also a very hot choice. For an investor, choose to join the ancient tea tea business projects, worry free venture trustworthy!

ancient tea with milk, the whole hand insisted, drink more at ease, but also your memorable taste. Ancient tea with milk tea shop with affordable prices, with the milk tea, the whole hand insisted, and all of the milk are on-site production, attracting a large number of unita!

ancient rock salt cheese oolong tea


series is the main force of rock salt tea tea shop! The most characteristic is in tea tea above with a layer of rock salt cheese, creamy cheese to salt salt series of abnormal, rich collocation fresh tea, drink tea and salt to the mouth at the same time, feel fresh and smooth, taste very sweet!

ancient tea milk tea



is a tea shop, not to burn the figure, the three is the best shop selling! Burn all day making pudding, bean, peanut and so on are made of high quality material, is Australia imported milk, milk rich, eat a mouth is of happiness!

Guming Shuangpin tea

tea tea, tea and milk quality determines the quality of a cup of tea, the ancient tea strict selection of imported milk, tea brewed tea, no bag, tea is supplied directly from the manufacturer, to ensure the quality of imported Australian milk! Strict selection of top red green tea, pearl adhere to save 3 minutes, each cup is now shaking, fresh taste!

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