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to operate the market of conventional goods, although the risk is small, but the competition is very fierce, it is difficult to make a quick profit. On the contrary, to meet the needs of the market, the addition and subtraction operations tend to be better results. Here, let Xiaobian to introduce two cases, so that we can know the charm of addition and subtraction operations.

read a report in the magazine: in January 1, 1999, the European countries officially opened a unified currency – euro. Zhejiang Changhong leather company’s R & D personnel found to be larger than the euro, European countries and the size of the original currency, the company immediately in accordance with the size of the euro is designed more than 40 kinds of special purse on the market, the company sold by national distributors, easily earn millions.

The United States

Mini Hamburger company after careful market research, launched a hamburger products, the Hamburg size smaller than other stores, the price is low, immediately by the small appetite in old customers, and soon demand, not long, this burger has 10 chain stores.

the two companies, an increase in size, a size reduction, in addition to the simple addition and subtraction rules to create wealth.

open shop to do business, the most important thing is poly popularity. In the same area, small and medium sized supermarket retail stores have several, from business to business varieties of goods, styles are not much difference between to their own shops, to attract more customers, in addition to enhance the image of the store, grade, may wish to do subtraction, let us create new styles characteristic service the win customer loyalty.

for example, the customer to buy a few pounds of fruit, said 3.6 yuan on the electronic display, then we have to do a minus method, I would say: "$3.6, you give $3.5!" A little money, but it is the customer’s trust, is to win more repeat customers. Customers to buy a few items, I will take the initiative to "cut" a few cents of the money.

customers to buy goods, I’d recommend "plus" on a new customer; with children, I will add a sincere compliment to the children; the holidays, I will for old customers "plus" a beautiful little gift…… Adds, we are closer to the customer and the distance increases and the feelings of the customer.

different times, different business environment, the need for people to master different business skills, so that they will increase their income. In the increasingly fierce competition today, only those who pay attention to customer psychology, try holding the customer heart, in order to win business opportunities, create more wealth.

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