Disabled Yang Fangling hard work to increase family income

if only a slight disability, choose to embark on the road of entrepreneurship, which may not be surprising. However, the hero is a multiple disabilities, years of hard work, bear the burden of the family, in order to increase the family income and the continuous efforts, this is Yang Fangling.

Yang Fangling, male, born in 1963, illiterate, who lives in the town of Xinhuang, the village of the slope of the village. He was born with mental retardation, language barriers, unable to communicate with people, unable to express their emotions, can not integrate into the life of a large family.

There are 7 people in the

Yang Fangling family, there are elderly parents, brother and sister, two young nieces. He lives under the care of his parents and his younger brother, doing the simple physical labor in the countryside. There are old, under a small, family life constraints, the whole family thinking about how to increase family income, improve family living conditions.

him, and his family developed a Mountain Orchard

five the year before last, Yang Fangling family think, in our mountain development what project is good? His old father and brother to the nearby towns were investigated, and went to the town of Agricultural Technology Department, in the technical advice and guidance of the station technician decided to dig in the mountains on their own responsibility to open the ladder, planting fruit trees seedlings.

so Yang Fangling in his brother’s lead in years in their own responsibility mountain (the place to dig mountain maple bank) (soil) about 45 acres (business license registered as Xinhuang Fu Luo Hengpo Maple plantations, planted fruit trees dogwood) citrus, peaches, plums and chestnut trees, including citrus (Citrus.) nearly 20 acres of peach and plum, about 8 acres, about 17 acres of chestnut.

2012 is now beginning to bear fruit, the full fruit period, the annual total income of nearly 100 thousand yuan, Yang Fangling’s family living conditions can be improved. However, with the growing up of the two little niece, the cost of learning is increasing, and the family expenses are increasing. In order to ease the economic pressure on the family, his brother took his wife to work in the south, home affairs, orchard management and other burdens fell on Yang Fangling and his elderly parents.

he became the support of family labor

Yang Fangling parents nearly eight years later, his father suffering from a serious heart disease, the mother suffering from rheumatism walking difficulties, the old man can only do a little housework two. Orchard management, home Zaiyang threshing and other heavy labor fall on Yang Fangling. Mental retardation of his hard work under the command of his father’s shoulder silently carrying, no regrets.

spring fruit in the old father under the command of pruning before germination, to pick a load of bear manure along the trail to walk up the hill (from the orchard house about 1500 meters), to the fruit orchard soil fertilization; summer weeds, to recommend

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