Anhui home entrepreneurs can get up to 2 million yuan secured loans

in order to encourage entrepreneurship, the state launched a venture guarantee loans to support this policy, in terms of capital to solve the problem of lack of economic strength entrepreneurs. Anhui province this year specifically for the return of entrepreneurs to provide a more powerful loan assistance, the highest offer 2 million yuan of venture capital loans.

"opinions" put forward, to further increase the migrant workers and other personnel returning entrepreneurship policy support, reduce the threshold of the home business, deepen the reform of commercial system, relaxed premises registration requirements, allow according to a multi site, a photo multiple access and cluster registration. The implementation of tax reduction and fee reduction policy, holding the "employment and entrepreneurship certificate," the return of the staff to set up individual industrial and commercial households, individual owned enterprises, according to the provisions of the tax relief policy. Increase financial support, the conditions can be set up special funds to support the return of entrepreneurship, mainly for the implementation of rent subsidies for water and electricity, the purchase of entrepreneurial projects, organizations, such as entrepreneurship lecture hall.

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