Female college students to return to the countryside to support the annual income of one million

who said that college graduates have to grab a good job to find a good job to get an iron rice bowl? There is a very special girl after graduating from college to start their own business, but also to return to the countryside to raise pigs, it sounds incredible, but the little girl now has a few million a year of income!

jumped out of the farm gate

she admitted to the village, the annual income of 100 thousand yuan

Zhang Xumei is the Dragon Dragon Village town of Chongqing City, 33 year old folks in her eyes, is a legendary woman. In 90s, Zhang Xumei with excellent results, was admitted to the Sichuan Deyang police, become the village a few college students.

1999, graduated from the police academy. She has worked at home sales, car sales. Because of his hard working and articulate, in the sales industry, Zhang Xu prunes was very influential, the annual income reached 100 thousand yuan, became the proud and model of the village people.

work is not comparable to their own business, I want to engage in aquaculture." In the village people envy her to find a good job, a good income, Zhang Xumei has his own ideas.

she said that the days of working out easily, but the heart has been unable to lay down the dream of entrepreneurship. Not long after, Zhang Xumei in the eyes of a surprised, decisive quit high income career.

entrepreneurship what exactly? Back to engage in farming, is the first idea of Zhang Xumei. Just before the idea came out, a friend called to invite her to the main city together to open a hot pot shop.

"at that time, there was no money, no technology, no persistence." Think of the breeding industry did not have money two no technology, Zhang Xumei think about giving up, attention will soon be attracted by the hot pot.

into the city

hot pot shop business is good, she also bought a two suite

Zhang Xumei’s hot pot Museum opened in Jiangbei, through careful care with friends, business surprisingly good, the annual income of millions.

The success of

hot pot Museum, let Zhang Xumei stand firm in the city. That year, she has purchased two sets of commercial housing in Chongqing, Yongchuan. Her success also let the villagers to her more.

"Dad said, I am a girl out of the countryside, with the ability to think about the villagers have a good life, I should do something for them." In everybody thought Zhang Xumei would go on steadily, but because of her father’s words, again made everybody surprised recommended

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