After 80 college students anti Xiang sell Roasted Chicken venture

college students to sell Roasted Chicken? And Peking University students selling pork, will give people a surprising effect. Chen Ruicong is the 80 college students college students returning home to sell Roasted Chicken the protagonist of the event, he has a hard pioneering course what? Next, let’s take a look at his entrepreneurial story.

so simple, everyone can do? In fact, the "simple" is not easy. Starting from the selected chicken, Chen Ruicong several times to replace the chicken, from black chicken to wide yellow, three yellow and finally decided to use the property of the. "To buy their own chickens to raise a period of time, meat is tough." A few months of selection of chicken toss, Chen Ruicong said he can laugh to open a chicken farm.

"my father’s generation did not cook, he had a home in Shenzhen." Chen Ruicong said, but he did not let the family heirloom dating, father always love the kitchen show hands, influenced by Chen Ruicong childhood love cooking, "then the file" Roasted Chicken family is a natural thing.

carefully selected ginger, fennel, pepper, aniseed, cinnamon, clove and a series of ingredients, fine grinding to almost white powder…… Preserved marinated chicken, fresh baked Roasted Chicken will spice on the skin, not greasy yellow skin crisp and delicious; inside chicken with sweet, pickled chicken in slowly penetrate the atmosphere, eat up both the original and chicken flavor, salty and spicy sauce. "This is the authentic taste of hengli." Chen Ruicong is very satisfied with the new Roasted Chicken.

Chen Ruicong in memory, since almost every weekend, my father would take him back home a trip from Shenzhen Hengli town. Dongjiang River Ferry fishing, riding dog, simple kind of village folks, Hengli delicious soup… Recommended

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