How to make purchase work open clothing store

open clothing store, how to do a good job? For franchisees, the purchase is a very important part. With the purchase cost, management, positioning and so have a great relationship, want to do a good job in management, this link can not be ignored. Hurry to learn about it, I hope you can do a good job in stock.

1, determine the direction of the purchase of clothing store

2, the stock market survey

3, formally approved, confidence to

4, keep in mind their own clothing store clothing style and grade price

this proposal owner who remember the two aspects. On the one hand to a small number, to control the desire to take more, good enough to fill in time; the second aspect is not to be the mouth of the little sister Huyou, all take the goods are suitable for their own style price. Stall sister is a lot of commission, commission from the guests. There are many files recommended

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