BOBO squid most potential snack items

now people are particularly keen on the delicacy snacks, and squid food is particularly popular, after frying golden color, especially good-looking, entrance after taste is crisp and tender to buy many chowhound cited.

sign squid burning cost about four yuan, 18 yuan fee.   squid cost about 3 yuan, charges $15, such a high profit and what projects can compare? And a large number of tourists, everyone needs. It can be said that the food and beverage industry is currently very popular, very profitable, very safe investment industry.

BOBO squid – snack business road!

the wise man looks calm is the founder of BOBO squid burning, he let us use more preferential prices to enjoy more delicious products, also let the franchised business less capital, running their own high-end snack stores. Let the high-end snack bar investment threshold is no longer so high, so that a few million to join the business can also open a high-end, the atmosphere, on the grade of brand-name snack bar in Taiwan!

BOBO signs including burning squid squid burning, bombing of big squid, crispy squid, Taiwan dessert, Taiwan drinks, unique technology, unique taste, so you always can only copy to be beyond

BOBO using the new technology of oil burning squid, the secret recipe of the cooked squid into Steamed Rice belly, in good wet powder and powder inside the roll, roll into the pan after the bombing of squid oil of 180     fried to golden yellow picked up, not only to ensure that the squid burn the appearance, and his unique taste

BOBO, founder of BBQ squid before making squid burn, without any food industry experience, is to go to Taiwan to learn the technology, and continuous improvement through their own research, and then slowly the achievements of today’s BOBO

burning squid

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