College students to choose what kind of business is relatively small

university is a passionate period of time, four years of University, memories unlimited. Some people choose to come to the university to a vigorous love, some people learn to do tyrants, but also for the dream of entrepreneurship for the first. Under the encouragement of the Chinese government, the number of college students to start more and more, at the beginning of the beginning of the ignorant college students will have a question: there is no money to choose what project investment more insurance?

college students do poineering work what good

company product diversity. Selection of fresh tea lemon milk tea drink with a variety of different fruits with fresh milk tea drink, more able to meet the diverse needs of consumers. The company has three different business models, while franchisees can choose the right way according to the actual situation of their own stores, more flexible and free choice, better meet market demand.

brand reputation good. The company always adhere to the "customer first, service first" purpose, and continuously forge ahead, the market after years of accumulation, the formation of a large number of loyal fans, variety of high quality products formed a good reputation in the consumer brand effect, the influence of increasing.

low fee. College students are just entering society, not what money, baby fresh tea tea drinks to join the cost is very low in the same industry, the company can provide free technical support, help the franchisee to easily shop, there will also be some support in operation, this project is very suitable for the entrepreneurship of College students.

as a college student, this project has a huge market, is a small college students start a good project!

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