Small details business in the process of the whole

said that although the business needs however, if we do not pay attention not to stick at trifles, in a little detail, often lead to customer dissatisfaction, resulting in the loss of customers, so that loss of business. Therefore, the business process, we must pay more attention to detail, so as to attract more customers, so that the shop business is more popular.

that day, the family came to the guests, I went to a nearby restaurant to buy bread, take the opportunity to buy some ready-made dishes. This restaurant looks very clean, I want 5 buns, the waiter directly with his hands up. I think this is very unhealthy, the waiter told me she just washed. I did not see her hands, she complained to other customers also like to take, not willing to face.

then buy vegetables, this hotel to my surprise, the waiter bag sold cooked fried goods, I use a mouth to blow up the bag and put dishes, making me uncomfortable. I told the waiter that it was not good, and asked her to give me another one. She murmured, "it’s always been that way, people don’t say anything." She said the side of the dishes poured out, the face is very ugly, if there is no other restaurant nearby, I would not have.

in fact, such a business is actually reflected in the details of any corner of our lives, managers need to be cautious. Thus we expect, as the retailer, not only to pay attention to hygiene, personal hygiene in the shop, selling food must not be directly with the hand, need to use special tools; the bag to throw, or by hand twist, do not mouth blown…… These seemingly insignificant details, a direct impact on the customer’s mood and desire to buy, thereby affecting the store’s business.

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