Business is not too small

may just buy a line of customers, customers may just need a bag of salt, such a small business, many shopkeepers can not earn money not because what is willing to make service, naturally not good, in the long run, naturally it is easy to leave a bad impression to the customer, thus affect the business of the shop the development of. In fact, as a retail business, in the operation, smiling service genuine, is an important pillar of our good smoke hotel. As the saying goes, "do not hit your smiling face," is the truth.

in the daily operation, as long as the customer into our smoke Hotel, they buy packs of cigarettes can also buy a needle can also be…… Whether customers buy items are big or small, we have to smile with the same view is not, because customers purchase goods is too small to affect your mood. That is, regardless of the size of our business owners to their services are thoughtful, can not face. If this goes on, the time is long, the customer will be because of our shop owner "despise" them and away from our shop, go to other retail store shopping. Here to listen to the following retail real voice of the family! Facilitate our progress in business.

smooth smoke Hotel Guo boss

remember when just opened the shop, due to lack of experience, some customers come to the store to buy some small things, I do not want to stand up for them to take, because these little things little profit, the feeling can not sell can sell. Until one time, through one thing I completely changed the business strategy.

it was the winter of 2015 a night, a worker near a site to my shop to buy 2.5 yuan a pack of red smoke, he entered the shop when, I just give a big customer busy. The worker asked: "boss, you have 2.5 Hongqiqu smoke shop?" Because I was busy, you lied, just should be a "feel shy, sold out" customer first around another store, after a while, buy a few packets carrying out.

After this

thing, I found the workers not only do not come to my shop to buy cigarettes, and work with them the workers also didn’t come to my shop to buy cigarettes, daily necessities, these workers usually need are purchased from the store near the inside. Every time I see, I will not regret too late for regrets because the business is small, but can not see the eyes, causing their store culture for so long the loss of customers, but the world did not sell the medicine, only their own review, operate in the future must be treated equally, not to look too high. While ignoring the potential small business.

integrity smoke hotel boss Liu

After the fall of

2016, a more than and 60 year old woman in my neighborhood

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